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An-San CDM-109 X-Cut high Resolution key profile cutting machine

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Country of origin: Turkey
Suitable For: An-san
Products category: Key cutting

An-San XCUT high Resolution key profile cutting machine

Don't have the correct key blank?

Not a problem with the new X-CUT CDM-109 from An-San. It's like having a mini key blank factory in your work place!

You can produce a new blank key and copy your customers key even if it is not in stock or unobtainable from your distributor. The profiling process is completed in minutes.

X-CUTS has a specially designed system that reads both sides of the key with it's Nanotech reading process.

The user interface of the X-CUT is designed for speed and ease of use. Integrated graphical LCD and touch buttons. User friendly step by step instructions.

X-CUT has a strong and stable motor for cutting highly sensitive, multi grooved profiles.

X-CUT uses a range of single shoulder and double shouldered blanks in a range of thicknesses - the blank to use is detected by the X-CUT and shown on the LCD display.

The safety shield is automatically moved by the machine. The shavings that are produced during cutting are captured in a tray under the cutting section.

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