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Xhorse Key tool max

From: €299.00
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Country of origin: China
Suitable For: Xhorse
Products category: Electronic devices

Key Tool Max Advantages:

Covers MINI Key Tool,key tool function. The remote/transponder,remote renew function are the same as the previous MINI KEY TOOL/KeyTool.

Added IC Copy function

Key Tool max can connect MINI OBD to work together.

Adopts HD LCD screen with clear interface, easy to use and flexibility.

Convenient for connecting Xhorse Key Cutting machine,MINI OBD TOOL and other products to do specific operations.

How to use VVDI Key Tool Max?

Free Download VVDI Key Tool Max User Manual

How to use VVDI Key Tool Max the file make key function?

VVDI Key Tool Max Features:

HD LCD Screen;

Innovative Design;

Easy to Use;

Comprehensive Functionality;

Outstanding Quality;

Super Fast Computing Speed;

Cover the functions of VVDI MINI KEYTOOL and VVDI KEY TOOL like key cloning car keys, remote generate, copy car transponder, etc;

Control Dolphin XP-005 available

Country of origin
Secondary brand
Products category
Electronic devices

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