Key cutting machine PN80 (for...
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Key cutting machine PN80 (for special/ security keys)

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Country of origin: Turkey
Suitable For: Kurt
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PN80 Pantograph and dimple security key duplication machine.

Duplicates pantograph and dimple security keys.
Cuts vertically and horizontally from the side.
It has a precise and micrometric clamp.
The well-balanced body prevents vibration.
The slides bearing the clamps operate on steel pivot.
All moving parts can be fastened.
Both pantograph and dimple security keyscan be easily mounted by replacing blades and
trackers without replacing clamps.
190 Mercedes key can be mounted on the other side of the clamp. and it does not
require special component.
A lighting is provided to monitor the work.


Weight : 15.5 kg.
Height :  35 cm
Length : 33 cm
Width : 26 cm
Milling Cutter : 2 dimple blades.
2 pantograph blade.
3 trackers
Motor : 0.15 Kw 220V 5OHz

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