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Key cutting machine 303

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Country of origin: Italy
Suitable For: Keyline
Products category: Key cutting machines

An excellent machine, ideal for the cutting of laser and dimple keys.

The electromechanical calibration with visual and acoustic signals and the operation of the safety screen of the 303 model make it possible to exchange the tools quickly and easily, which is an essential requirement for the cutting of dimple and laser keys.

The operation of the safety screen, the automatic controls and the motor inhibition system guarantee that the machine can be operated safely in every phase of the process.

The strong mechanical structure and the movement of the carriages, on ball slide guides guarantee a total absence of vibrations and fluid movements during the cutting phase.

The easily interchangeable carriage makes it possible to cut special keys.

The machine is designed with vertical suspensions, ideal for the cutting of dimple keys, and lateral ones for the laser keys.

The effective LED lighting of the work bench makes all operations much easier.

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Key cutting machines

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